Our bags are packed to order with freshly roasted coffee. For that reason we have chosen to seal our bags to lock in the freshness. Simply fold your bag down after opening, and store in a cool dry place.

Most businesses want to bring environmental considerations into their purchasing decisions. For this reason, Kreem coffee bags support our brand values for retail packaging choices.

Our bags are recyclable, eco friendly high barrier while still providing the highest assurance for ‘freshness’ for your Kreem coffee beans.

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We Have Our Own Drive Through!

How many cafes do you know with a drive-through service? Not many? That's because Kreem is the only one! Why don't you head to our Rosebank Rd branch and try it out?

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Check Out the Kreem Blog

It's time for the food service industry to conduct an honest assessment of what we do and commit to making changes, going green every step of the way.

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Kreem's Franchisee Toolkit

TRAINING. We are committed to training YOU so much so that we insist on all first time single storeowners undertake a rigorous training programme for 12 weeks.

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Check out our Testimonials

We create happy customers everywhere we go…
"Consistently good and appealing food. A nice atmosphere."
John Holmes

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Contact any of our Branches

All of our branches are open Monday to Friday, from 6am to 4pm! We love hearing from happy customers and answering your questions. Get in touch!

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