About Us

Kreem is a product of passion and experience spanning the food industry for over thirty years. The people who have contributed to the success of Kreem are very talented people.

Keeping it simple, profitable, and healthy takes years of experience. Kreem is an innovative leading deli cafe franchise. We do two things: Sell great deli food, and great coffee. AND we do it very well.

We are experts in cafe systems, and franchisee training is the key to Kreem.

Kreem Cafe provides what customers want: healthy, nutritious food.
We provide an enormous selection of healthy deli meals as free of additives as possible together with great coffee, delicious cake, and sandwiches.
We have the WOW factor built into everything we do. We have a huge customer base through a very simple and well-known business strategy: “We sell the best food and coffee and we do a better job.”


We are committed to franchisee training. All franchisees undergo a rigorous 12 week training programme.

Our continual product development is what sets Kreem apart from our competitors and the ongoing training programme you are required to undertake at Kreem is provided by Industry professionals committed to Kreem’s success.

Our Drive Thru

Over the years our concept, process, and coffee have been refined into providing a full format drive-thru coffee franchise. When considering whether or not a drive-thru coffee franchise is right for you, keep in mind that coffee is fast becoming the number one beverage of choice. Additionally, 53% of coffee customers get their coffee to go making drive-thru coffee the fastest growing segment of the specialty coffee industry. Nearly 7 of 10 people enjoy coffee daily and 2/3 of the customers buying coffee purchase 4 or more times per week. Frequent trips mean enhanced loyalty and opportunities for sales and traffic.

Kreem Cafe’s drive-thru coffee franchise model includes time-tested practices. This knowledge and aptitude is truly unmatched by any other drive-thru coffee kiosk retailer. We have an established reputation, high quality products, exceptional service training and satisfied customers.

Be aware that our brand speaks loudly. The benefits of brand awareness, uniformity in meeting the needs of customers, and understanding trends is invaluable to your bottom line. A brand is not something that you can build overnight. The top variables influencing coffee purchase is 45% brand, 30% quality, and 25% price. Kreem’s Award winning Espresso brand is fun, delicious, and unique. Our staff and customers are fun and approachable. We have all of the drinks but none of the attitude.

The Kreem cafe Franchise provides you with a proven system to follow. That’s S.Y.S.T.E.M. as in – Save Your Self Time, Energy, and Money┬Ł.

We Have Our Own Drive Through!

How many cafes do you know with a drive-through service? Not many? That's because Kreem is the only one! Why don't you head to our Rosebank Rd branch and try it out?

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It's time for the food service industry to conduct an honest assessment of what we do and commit to making changes, going green every step of the way.

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Kreem's Franchisee Toolkit

TRAINING. We are committed to training YOU so much so that we insist on all first time single storeowners undertake a rigorous training programme for 12 weeks.

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Check out our Testimonials

We create happy customers everywhere we go…
"Consistently good and appealing food. A nice atmosphere."
John Holmes

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Contact any of our Branches

All of our branches are open Monday to Friday, from 6am to 4pm! We love hearing from happy customers and answering your questions. Get in touch!

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